The Andrée Expedition

The Andrée Expedition -  new exhibitions on two floors. The Polar Centre, Gränna.


First price in architectural competition.

Top-floor opened in May 2017.

Bottom-floor opened in May 2018.

A collaboration between Frelin Form, Velourfilm and Spree.

A number of films and large scale projections produced directly for the museum. Films, images and an interactive station for all ages.

Samuel August Andrée was an engineer aspiring to reach the North Pole in a hydrogen balloon in 1896. The difficult and costly expedition ended in a disastrous accident when the balloon stranded some 65 hours after take-off. The three expedition members, Andrée, Strindberg and Fraenkel tried to walk back to civilisation on the Arctic ice.

Photo: ARDI Frelin Form

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